Hosted by Think Big Partners, the City of Kansas City, Missouri and key participants in the KC Smart City project the Kansas City Smart City Innovation & Planning Workshop is an interactive technology & urban planning workshop.

Join municipal leaders from around the country and go beyond how smart cities use 21st century internet of things technology to protect citizens, save money, modernize infrastructure and create new revenue opportunities. Examine the social impact of these technologies through the lens of economic development, education and workforce development to see how they can transform a city into a vibrant, world-class community that is globally competitive, safe and improves the quality of life for all citizens.

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What Attendees Are Saying.

I really enjoyed meeting you and the rest of the KC team. The workshop shed light on the P3 aspect which was most interesting to me. It was good to hear directly from Troy Schulte and Bob Bennett.

Mamta SodikumarGovernment of the District of Columbia

I thoroughly enjoyed the networking and learning opportunity the Smart City Tech Summit provided. It was great to learn from some of the top USDOT Smart Cities. Listening to the individuals that envisioned and constructed the Kansas City smart street, while meeting along the actual street, was invaluable. I’m confident the connection with numerous KC Smart City private partners will add value to the cities, counties and states that participated.

Tom BlairMODOT

Who Should Attend?

This interactive workshop will provide an in-depth, behind-the-scenes understanding of the entire Kansas City Smart and Connected City project from original concept, through the dynamic evolution of a successful public-private partnership (P3) to the official Phase 1 launch.

An insightful discussion led by key city stakeholders, thought leaders and the companies involved will thoroughly explain the critical components that were necessary to justify a P3 investment, ensure broad social impact and deliver measurable results while making sure citizens were engaged at the right level.

Throughout the day, specific lessons learned (and the mistakes to avoid) will be shared, leading up to a live planning session where each participant will create a custom return on investment model to be used as a starting point to create their own smart city project.

Experts will be on hand to answer specific questions throughout the day and participants will leave with an in-depth understanding of how Kansas City became one of the world’s largest smart and connected cities and the opportunities the future holds because of it.

It is recommended that participants have familiarity with basic smart city concepts prior to the workshop. Participants will be expected to participate in the interactive planning portion to design their own custom triple ROI scorecard.

This workshop is designed for public sector executives, community leaders, CIO’s, CTO’s, CFO’s and CXO’s that are actively considering smart city initiatives in their community and want to learn from Kansas City’s experience.

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