Why Smart Cities Need High Performance Government Now, an Interview with Joel Cherkis

By November 13, 2017Public Safety Summit

Across the globe urbanization is occurring rapidly, making for larger cities with greater population densities and greater complexity than ever before. As a city grows so does its challenges, and as a result there is an increasing demand for cities to deliver smart, sustainable environments that enhance the quality of life for citizens while streamlining processes and reducing costs.

At our recent Smart City Tech Summit, Joel Cherkis, Global Vice President of Infrastructure, Government, Education, and Health for Oracle’s Industries Solutions Group, sat down with Think Big managing partner Herb Sih to explain why cities are turning to technology for help addressing their growing number of challenges, and sheds some light on how they are making it work.

Cherkis has worked in cities of all sizes and knows it isn’t enough for a city to go from department to department working one-by-one to modernize and mobilize the insufficient, legacy systems that they have relied on for years. According to him, these vertical solutions just create more silos, and more problems. Instead, to operate and scale efficiently in our increasingly digital world, cities need a platform that can tie a wide variety of disparate services together.

Joel Cherkis is the global vice president of infrastructure, government, education, and health in Oracle’s Industries Solutions Group, focused on driving industry strategy and solutions that deliver growth across Oracle’s customer and partner base.

He has spent the past 15 years helping customers and partners better utilize collaborative solutions and the processes of infrastructure consolidation, while staying focused on understanding how and when technology should be used to solve organizational problems.

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