A Smart City Must Be A Safe City

Today, smart cities that make use of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies  are attracting more interest and are more important than ever before. Whether a city is trying to modernize its infrastructure, save money through improved efficiencies or create new sources of revenue, cities that invest in smart city technologies to improve the quality of life for their citizens can still fall short of their smart city aspirations.

No matter how “smart” a city is, if its citizens don’t feel safe, very little else matters.

Cities, to be truly smart, must invest in the right technologies to make them safe. If citizens are not able to safely live, work and play, a city immediately begins a dangerous cycle of degradation that can inhibit growth, or worse, become the underpinnings to economic and social collapse. This problem is compounded when you consider that cities are also growing faster than the world population, with more than 3 million people moving to cities each week. Projections show that by 2050, more than 65% of the world’s population will live in cities.

The need for public safety is not an option. It is essential for cities, and humanity to survive and thrive.

Think Big Partners is proud to host the second annual Smart City Tech Summit: Public Safety event on October 18-19. This two-day event will focus on the most pressing public safety needs that cities face, and the technologies, insights and best practices that can help make a difference. Attendees will include city officials, governmental entities, municipal department leaders, smart city project managers, technology consultants, technology and service providers, innovators, emerging technology companies, entrepreneurs and others that are committed to the idea that a smart city must be a safe city.

This year, we will have a special focus on the role that data can play to make cities safer. With the number and types of threats increasing globally, data plays a vital role in the identification, prevention, prediction and response to public safety events. Data-driven intelligence, analysis and prediction models provide a powerful opportunity for cities to take a proactive approach to using modern 21st-century tools to combat the growing safety and security threats faced daily.

The Smart City Tech Summit will also feature emerging technologies from some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs, innovators, technology transfer programs and large company innovation teams that are creating new public safety solutions to some of the most complex public safety problems.

Public safety threats vary greatly and the Smart City Tech Summit event will cover a wide range of topics such as terrorist attacks, open data policies, transportation safety, crime, smart city planning and other threats to public safety.

According to Esri and PeaceTech Labs, last year, there were 1,441 terrorist attacks that led to 14,356 fatalities globally.   

View the interactive map of 2016 Terrorist Attacks. Powered by Esri.

Cities that use utilize the right technologies, adopt best practices and unlock the power of smart data can reduce the number and severity of public safety threats.

We hope you will join us in Kansas City for the Smart City Tech Summit Public Safety event. For more information on speaking, sponsorship, exhibiting or showcasing your emerging technology, please contact scts@thinkbigpartners.com. Early bird tickets are available now.  Media passes available by request.