Smart City and IoT Threat Defense, an Interview with Will Ash

By November 9, 2017Public Safety Summit

The landscape of cyber security today is a very challenging one. Whether the attackers are lone-wolf actors or sponsored by heads of state, their attacks are becoming increasingly more sophisticated with each and every passing day. Because of the high value of the information they are able to get their hands on these criminals are also becoming increasingly well funded – it’s become a business, and a big business at that.

Smart Cities promise to solve a lot of problems and bring a lot of good to citizens. However, with the increasing deployment of smart systems comes the inherent growing threat of cyber attacks. Think Big Partners managing partner Herb Sih sat down with Smart City Tech Summit keynote speaker Will Ash, Senior Director of Security Sales at Cisco Systems, to dive deeper into how smart cities and communities investing in Internet of Things (IoT) technologies can get started now and defend themselves against future cyber attacks.

After all, if security is not in place at the time of the attack, it’s far too late. However, by integrating security planning early, as part of the smart city design process, it is possible to change the equation and actually enhance the security of our communities. Ash advocates for communities to integrate a security architecture that can communicate across the organization’s network – holistically, from end-to-end – and can see threats in any area and block against them across the entire network. A strong threat defense should provide visibility and analytics, segmentation, secure remote access and secure maintenance. Combined these elements present a strong IoT threat defense against the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape.


Will Ash leads Cisco’s Security sales team serving U.S. Public Sector customers. This team is focused on delivering protection to government and education customers across their extended network before, during, and after a cyberattack through threat-centric security solutions. A Fortune 100 IT company, Cisco provides unmatched visibility, continuous control, and advanced threat protection across this entire attack continuum.

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