The Role of Data and Analytics in Preventing and Reacting to Crime

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Session IV, Track B |12:50-1:50 PM


The role of data in the public safety space is becoming more critical. From designing data-driven policy interventions that can reduce crime and increase public safety, through using emerging data sources to respond to and react to incidents as they occur – data and cross-agency collaboration are paramount. In this session, we will look at data and tools that empower everyone from the Mayor to incident responders to create safer communities.


Chris Crosby

Founder and CEO, Xaqt

Chris Crosby is the Founder and CEO of Xaqt, a global provider of Smart City Technologies and Predictive Intelligence based in Chicago. He has more than 15 years of leadership experience in building startups and advancing innovations in all things data related.

Chris holds his Master in Public Administration from Harvard Kennedy School of Government and advises both governments and startups at the intersection of policy, tech and adaptive leadership.