Phil Derry – CEO, TrackaPhone

By March 9, 2016Speakers

Phil has over 40 years’ experience in technology from morse code to “digits” which he tries to understand. 13 years serving in the British Army and the rest building technology businesses delivering systems to customers both large and small. Customers vary from NATO, National Governments, Municipalities, Health Services, Police, Utilities, Environment Agencies and with TrackaPhone any organisation that  protects and locate its people and assets whether they are large or small and private or public. TrackaPhone started in Phil’s house when Simon, Phil’s son, won a location feed contract from Vodafone and started to develop the platform integrating many other location technologies. Phil decided to come out of semi-retirement, which he thought would be for a couple of years, to assist Simon to build his business. That was 14 years ago!

TrackaPhone has had global customers (150) since the day it was formed in October 2002 and has been constantly developing its technology becoming what is claimed to be the most resilient, flexible global location platform in the world which is agnostic to mobile device, mapping, communications and location technology. TrackaPhone already has customers “this side of the water” in the oil and gas industry and Homeland Defence. The TrackaPhone management and development team have been together for 10 years.  The Derry family have been in the location industry since 1743 as they are directly related to John Harrison who built the world’s first chronometer. Phil lived in Dallas for 3 years and started doing business between the US and The UK in 1982 and his passports are well “stamped”!

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