Designing Public Safety Pilots for High Value Public-Private Innovation Partnerships

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Session V, Track B | 2:10-3:10PM


There is no doubt that public safety is top of mind for community leaders today. However, the wide variety of technologies and their various applications can be both overwhelming and confusing to understand. Every community is unique and it is challenging to assess a technology’s actual impact and capabilities in managing public safety risks without trialing it against all the variables of a real-world environment.

In this session, we will discuss the role that public safety pilots can play in helping to understand the ROIs, evaluate the technologies and most importantly identify the right solutions to be able to deliver the needed public safety smart technologies to keep your community safe while managing the risk of deployment.


Herb Sih Co-founder and Managing Partner Think Big Partners

Herb Sih

Managing Partner, Think Big Partners

Herb Sih is Managing Partner of Think Big Partners. Think Big is a highly specialized professional services firm located in Kansas City, Missouri that helps cities, large companies and startups accelerate growth by creating innovation partnerships, commercializing technologies and fueling entrepreneur-led economic development through programs, events and work spaces. 

Think Big has a trusted network of innovation partners that work together to solve global urbanization problems while also revitalizing local economies through the reinvention of established industries. Think Big’s goal is to help accelerate success, create jobs and develop a network powered by intellectual capital and disciplined execution that can change the world. 

Prior to Think Big, Herb was in the investment industry for 14 years. He has also been on the executive team for several technology companies and is a successful entrepreneur. Prior to his business career, Herb was a helicopter pilot in the United States Army. Herb is an active board member for several businesses, civic and social impact organizations.