Cutting-Edge Technology Showcase

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Cutting-Edge Technology Showcase | 2:45-4:15PM


As cities continue to grow in number, size, and complexity, their infrastructure and services come under increasing stress. Keeping cities safe is critical; safe cities attract the investments, businesses, and skilled labor necessary for economic growth and development.

The presenting companies are eager to share their cutting-edge technologies that can help keep our cities safe and help our community leaders and public safety officials do their jobs even better.

Cutting-Edge Technology Showcase Presenters


Sheen Xiao

Ainstein is a Lawrence-based startup that builds radar-based sensing solutions to make everything we do safer and smarter. Driving, flying, working, and living our lives.


Curtis Copeland

The City of Branson is committed to its citizens and to those who visit there, to ensure a safe and environmentally sound community. They will work as a team to maintain and promote the growth of our City, and to provide professional, courteous service to all through fair and open communication. They look to tomorrow, remembering yesterday, dedicated to excellence today.


Jim Spicuzza

CrisisGo is a comprehensive emergency planning and communications platform that provides everyone access to information and tools that empower people to take an active role in keeping themselves and other safe. Their two-way real-time emergency communication is changing the way organizations communicate about daily incidents and emergencies.


Tim Sylvester

Integrated Roadways makes roads pay for themselves by transforming them into sensor, data, and connectivity corridors for Smart Cities, IoT, 5G cellular, and connected, electric, and autonomous vehicles.


Brett Mason

Brett Mason, Regional Director of Sales with Live Earth Software will present on Live Earth, the most powerful VISUAL real-time operations platform.


Stephen Hardy

mySidewalk is a city intelligence tool that works to empower civic leaders and the public with the most complete, clear, and real-time understanding of their communities so they can improve and innovate together. Trusted by more than 150 organizations, mySidewalk helps local leaders track, analyze, and communicate city-wide and departmental progress using data.


Doug Hohulin

Doug Hohulin is working at Nokia on 4G/5G business development and strategy projects related to IoT, Smart Cities, CV, AV and UAV technologies.  He is on the Kansas City Regional Automated Vehicle Taskforce and has a passion for improving transportation safety.


Ryan Manning

Ryan is the owner of Bad Rhino Games, a high-caliber game studio in Kansas City. Today, Ryan, will be speaking on Augmented and Virtual Reality applications for public safety as it applies to real-time immersion and training.