2017 Public Safety Summit: Call for Speakers and Breakout Session Facilitators


Are you a thought leader, an innovative thinker or an industry influencer in public safety and smart city technology? Share and showcase your expertise at our second Smart City Tech Summit event to explore smart cities’ use 21st-century internet of things technology to protect citizens, save money, modernize infrastructure and create new revenue opportunities October 18 – 19, 2017 at Plexpod Westport Commons in Kansas City, Missouri. Get recognition from industry colleagues and take advantage of unparalleled networking opportunities with other public safety and technology professionals, municipal decision makers, industry experts, and thought leaders from around the world.

Speaking opportunities during our Smart City Tech Summit sessions are not strictly defined, but are usually single presenters, joint presenters, panels, interactive case studies, live demonstrations or fireside chats.

Smart City Tech Summit attendees are looking for information they can apply to their communities—not theoretical, but practical best practices and lessons learned, with real implementation experiences and detail. Don’t make it about XYZ product (smells like a sales pitch!) but rather “changes and benefits realized through the deployment of this sort of solution”, for example. Think beyond your basic conference program content, our audience is well beyond entry-level definitions. Don’t shy away from controversy—Smart City Tech Summit is a forum for industry discussion, and debates and out-of-box thinking are appreciated—challenge your audience with unconventional thinking.

Speaking opportunities are limited, contact us today to learn more.

Breakout Session Facilitators

Ready to discuss innovative approaches to pubic safety? Want to explore ideas for smart city technologies? Eager to share your experience implementing a public safety solution? Interested in finding out what your peers are doing to protect citizens, save money, modernize infrastructure and create new revenue opportunities? Then contact us to learn more about facilitating a breakout session.

Breakout sessions enable groups that share a common interest to come together and explore specific public safety solutions. These highly interactive sessions feature a group moderator that is skilled at keeping conversations informative and flowing. To facilitate productive exchange, attendance to these sessions will be limited. This is an opportunity for you to share your ideas, issues and questions on a specific public safety topic with like-minded peers who have much to gain, and to offer.

So, contact us to submit a topic for a Smart City Tech Summit: Public Safety 2017 breakout session and learn more about becoming a facilitator.

Smart City Tech Summit: Public Safety Speakers – If you’d like to delve more deeply into the subject of your presentation or provide a deeper Q&A, we invite you to submit a breakout topic as a follow-up to your session as well.